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Dr EricEssono Tsimi

Assistant Professor in French & Francophone Studies


I graduated with PhD in French Civilization and Cultural Studies fom the University of Virginia, where I went after a one-year stint teaching and researching social psychology, at the University of Lausanne. I also hold an European Doctorate attained at the LLSETI (University of Grenoble-Alpes) in joint supervision with Larpsydis (University of Lausanne).

My research is centred primarily on how literature, politics, and philosophy intersect to stimulate the thinking process on the future of our interconnected world. I mostly research the arts, thought and theoretical approaches in African and Afrosporic settings. Much of this research is being conducted with Nathalie Muller Mirza, from University of Geneva.
My training, teaching and service at Lausanne, Grenoble, Virginia, Ohio, and New York cover psychology, intercultural communication, and all major fields in French and Francophone studies, including courses at all levels of the language sequence. My expertise in African Francophone cultures as well as the French Overseas Departments and Territories are evidenced by my extensive experience working and writing for medias and publishers. All of this work helps inform my research as much as it does my teaching. Areas of interest include: Sociolinguistics, Literary theory, Postcolonial Theory, and Research Methods in humanities, Migration, Identity dynamics, Creative writing, Decoloniality, Counter-utopia, Afrofuturism and the intersection between them.





Done Projects


Peer-reviewed articles

My published works include an article on afrosporic writings in Loxias, another on the sense of belonging in African literature, in International Journal of Francophone Studies and most recently, “A propos du Style de Houellebecq” in Contemporary French and Francophone Studies: Sites. Additional works are forthcoming in L’Autre (psychological and intercultural peer-review) and in the review Lumières.

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Creative work

Le jeu de la vengeance was published in 2002. I was 21 and, back then, was studying political science in Quebec (Universite Laval). The play was awarded The best creation during the Scènes Nationales du Théâtre (2005). I have single-authored a half-dozen published books (short stories, Theater, Novel...).

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Medias, talks & conferences

I have been active at conferences (African Literature Association, DC 2018; Society for Francophone Postcolonial Studies, London 2017; and Conseil International d’Etudes Francophones, Sénégal 2016), television ( Al Jazeera, STV, Afrique Media), and have published one hundred newspaper articles (Jeune Afrique, Le Monde, Huffpost, Slate, Les Afriques, Mutations, The Conversation...).

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Academic books

In my upcoming essay (2021), I argue the counter-utopia is in need of profound cultural renewal, in light of the dynamics of decadent discourses in recent novels and essays (Michel Houellebecq, Boualem Sansal, Jean Rolin). I propose a seminal fixation of the hitherto hesitant meaning of the counter-utopia.

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11, April 2020

Une surprise d’enfer

L’Afrique n’est pas épargnée par le COVID-19. Façon, elle ne lui demande aucune grace. Seules de bonnes nouvelles nous parviennent du continent noir.

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Le pire qui puisse arriver en Afrique aura deja eu lieu en Europe

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Kamto Réinvente le Cynisme

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